Services are provided by our highly knowledgeable and qualified staff to ensure that a healthy landscape can be enjoyed by all!

Landscape Management

Silva's Landscaping Co. offers landscape management programs tailored to your landscape's needs.  Our state of the art equipment which in conjuction with degrees in Ornamental Horticulture and Plant Science allow for us to provide services that are efficient and of the highest quality.  Services are rendered by highly qualified personnel that can identify issues that may pose a concern in your landscapes health.  By doing so this can allow for preventitive measures to take place or a quick response to be administered so problem can be isolated and dealt with.  Services included are custom fertilization programs using fertilizing mixtures exclusive to our company, lawn core aeration, and integrated pest management programs.


 Irrigation System Auditing / Troubleshooting 

Silva's Landscaping Co. offers irrigation auditing and troubleshooting for your irrigation system.  In this crucial time of water conservation it is imperative that your irrigation system is optimized and efficient.  As water restrictions throughout the state increase and the water tables decrease these systems efficiency must be maximized.  By being certified in various aspects of irrigation protocols by manufacturers and educational programs from Cal Poly ITRC and Colorado State University we are able to effectively optimize an irrigation system.  Services consist troubleshooting services where we are able to diagnose electrical problems from the water controller, to wire tracing, and valve repairs.


Backflow Prevention Assembly Testing

In an effort to protect potable water, state and national codes mandate that cross connection protection protocols be established to do so.  This is done by means of backflow prevention assemblies that are designed to prevent back siphonage and/or back pressure, these devices must be tested annually to verify that they are providing tthe fore mentioned protection.  As certified testers we are able to inspect, test, diagnose, and repair backflow assemblies in order to verify they are continously providing the desired protection for our drinking water.

Chemical Application

Silva's Landscaping Co. offers integrated pest management programs tailored to the needs of a specific landscape.  This prevents the need to contract additional services from chemical application only companies to treat these pest such as weeds, insects and other issues that typically arise in a landscape.  Treatment for trees is also available to protect and fertilize trees that may incur potential issues that may lead to the death or removal through our tree trunk injection system that is safe for not only the tree but also the enviroment, pets, and people.

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Backflow Assembly Testing 2.jpg